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Love Across Time (2023)

Lawyer Xiao Mu Chen died on November 11, 1999, while trying to protect his fiancée Chen Bao Shan. Driven by guilt, Bao Shan decides to end her life. But instead of dying, she travels back in time to September 11, 1999. Initially, she tries to do everything to save her beloved. Unfortunately, stuck now in the time loop, no matter what she does, each time her fiancé dies. Seeing no solution to the time loop, Bao Shan decides that the best course of action is to remove herself from the Mu Chen's life, hoping that if their paths never cross, he will live. However, to her surprise, fate makes both of them unable to escape from each other and their paths cross again. Will they find their happy ending this time?

Genres: Romance, Drama

Actor: Xiao Mu Chen, Shi Xue Jing


Country: china

Movie: Love Across Time (2023)

Production Co:

Duration: 32 Episodes

Release: 2023

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