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Jiang Hu Shao Nian Jue (2023)

The "Shi Wei Map", which records the burial place of the treasure, appears from nowhere, leading to a lot of turmoil in Jianghu and begins the fight, of various forces, to find it. Soon, two bizarre events take place - the disappearance of an opera troupe and piles of bones appearing in the Shangtang River. Detective Su Cheng Xi, constable Sui Han Bai and assassin Zuo Han Qin, starts to get interested in the whole case. Especially since the mythical map and the bones, seem to be related in a strange way.

Genres: Wuxia, Crime

Actor: Simon Chen, Li Pei Yang


Country: china

Movie: Jiang Hu Shao Nian Jue (2023)

Production Co:

Duration: 20 Episodes

Release: 2023

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