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Game Rak Ao Keun

Risa is a happily married to her colleague Dr Aik for 10 years. She is a nurse in her 30s and have been trying to have children. Dr Aik unexpectedly asked for divorce and Risa's whole life came crashing down when she realizes her husband had betrayed her with her long time friend Gaysari. When Sunida, who also lost her husband to Gaysari, encourages Risa to hurt Gaysari in a similar way, Risa meets Pong, Gaysari''s 18 year old son. Pong works as a prostitute to forget his lack of love from his wealthy but neglectful parents immediately gets attracted to Risa. But it gets more complicated when Risa starts to have feelings for him.

Movie: Game Rak Ao Keun

Production Co:

Duration: 22 Episodes

Release: 2019

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