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Steel God Jeeg

Will be broadcast in 2007, [God Jeeg Steel] ... work still fresh in our memories! !
In the work that depicts the world after 50 years of Steel Jeeg, Jeeg in the second half of the story is that old and new contest
Surprise flashed blazing rendition is the work says.
Third dynamite action we model the (new) Steel Jeeg!
Are equipped with a magnetic joint common, replacement parts are available between the dynamite action.
Including various Mach drill of course, the first time three-dimensional! Jeeg is also part of the ground, marine, and Sky
Included. To enjoy the full gimmick of Jeeg play! !

- Content: two each body, steel thunder horse variant head, right hand, left hand, hand Knuckle Bomber, Mach Drill,
Marine parts, ground parts, sky part, Jeeg Crusher parts, parts slap hell
One for each set, Barba, Lance (spear)

Genres: Action



Country: Japan

Movie: Steel God Jeeg

Production Co:


Release: 2012

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