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Rave Master

Some time later, King's son, Lucia Raregroove, appears, reviving Demon Card. He wishes to capture Elie to use the magical energy hidden within her body, Etherion. While also facing Lucia and his forces, Haru's group also learn of the mythical creature known as Endless which threatens mankind by provoking another Overdrive and can only be destroyed with Etherion. Using all Sinclaires Lucia absorbs Endless. Lucia's objective is to destroy the world which is actually a parallel dimension created by his descendant with Etherion after the original was ruined by a plague and his family was cursed as a result. After finding all Raves, Elie uses Etherion to combine all of them. In order to avoid another Overdrive, Haru and his friends oppose Lucia and his strongest enemies in Star Memory. Although Haru defeats Lucia, he is absorbed by Endless and convinces Elie to destroy it even if it means taking his life. One year later, Elie and the others visit Haru's grave, where she regains her memories. Haru appears alive thanks to the Star Memory's magic and reunites with the Rave Warriors. The warriors go their separate ways, and Haru and Elie return to Garage Island to live together.

Movie: Rave Master

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Release: 2005

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