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Maigahara Senior High School is a prestigious institution renowned for producing many talented musicians over the years. True to the school's reputation, an intriguing rumor is widespread among its students: whosoever provides a spectacular performance at the upcoming festival will receive extra credits.

Serina Akesaka is an outgoing first-year student on the verge of failing her classes. After recalling the circulating rumor, Serina decides to recruit four students—Nazuna Tennouzu, Aliciana Ogata, Hakobe Naru, and Nagi Kobotoke—to form a band with her. As these five passionate girls start their journey together, the music they will soon produce is bound to touch everyone's hearts and leave an everlasting impact.

Genres: Slice of Life



Country: japan

Movie: Irodorimidori

Production Co:

Duration: 8 Episodes

Release: 2022

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