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Bing Jiao Wang Ye Wu Zuo Qi (2023)

Forensic doctor Kong Qiqi, a woman, traveled back in time and became a foster daughter of the capital's Xiangfu family. After the time travel, Kong Qiqi lost some of her memories from before the journey. She discovered that each time she worked on a case, she could recover some of her lost memories. Kong Qiqi then embarked on a journey of investigation. Along the way, she met the weak and fragile Ninth Prince, Mu Zhixi, who was dressed in white and had a striking resemblance to her ex-boyfriend. Mu Zhixi was also attracted to Kong Qiqi's unique style of doing things, and the two developed feelings for each other. Kong Qiqi learned that Mu Zhixi had been poisoned and suffered from after-effects due to being involved in the struggle for the throne 20 years ago. With Kong Qiqi's help, Mu Zhixi gradually uncovered the mysteries of the throne struggle case.

Movie: Bing Jiao Wang Ye Wu Zuo Qi (2023)

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Duration: 24 Episodes

Release: 2023

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