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Angelique -when The Heart Awakens

The story opens with the Queen of the Shinchou universe conversing with the Queen of the Seijuu universe, and the Seijuu Queen mentioning her stars breaking. Concerned, she has her assistant, Rosalia, call her nine Guardians together. After the Queen explains the situation, Luva, the Guardian of Earth, takes the other Guardians, the Queen, and Rosalia to a sacred stone of prophecy, where he reveals that there is a prophecy about one who will come to the Holy Land and shine like an angel. Soon after, a ship carrying a group of young girls arrives to the Holy Land, one of them destined be the Legendary Etoile. Ernst briefs the Guardians as the girls arrive, one among them dressed like a boy with glasses. The other girls snub her as interviews begin. Zephel, the Guardian of Steel, hides in the forest to avoid participating and encounters the odd girl in question, saving her from falling and revealing her to be extremely beautiful. The girl pushes him away and runs away with her bags as the Guardians are discussing that they have not found the girl with that special shine. It is revealed the girl, named Ange, declined her interview, believing herself not to be suitable to be the Legendary Etoile. She ends up at the stone that Luva showed the Guardians, and her memories are shown. As the Guardians arrive, it is revealed Ange is the Legendary Etoile.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Anime



Country: Japan

Movie: Angelique -when The Heart Awakens

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Release: 2006

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