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The Good Detective

Neither his forensic skills nor his deductive / inductive reasoning skills can aptly sum up the green Detective Gang Do Chang. His best qualities lie in being righteous and diligent. Returning to the force after a year-long leave is Oh Ji Hyuk, a graduate of the Korean National Police University. An unsympathetic man, he catches criminals using his keen insight and his sharp attention to detail. These opposites are partnered together to reopen a case from five years ago, when the verdict called for the death penalty for murderer Lee Dae Chul. Do Chang had been the arresting detective and when reviewing the file he discovers evidence that would clear Dae Chul while putting himself in a compromising position. More evidence is found following a recent murder involving Dae Chul’s daughter, Lee Eun Hye. Time is running out for Do Chang as the mounting evidence threatens to expose his error. Should the verdict be overturned, Do Chang and all parties involved in the process held responsible. Finding himself caught between those who seek power and those who seek justice, Do Chang must rely upon his guiding principles to resolve this ethical dilemma. Will he choose to save an innocent man from a wrongful execution or succumb to a temptation tinged with corruption? Edit Translation

Movie: The Good Detective

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Duration: 16 episodes

Release: 2020

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