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My Super D

The original Super D (Richard Yap), a being from another planet who draws his power from a blue diamond, is a superhero who saves the lives of many people, including a barangay captain named Dado (Ronnie Lazaro), who was in turn inspired by the heroism of Super D and dedicates his life in serving others. His wife Belen (Sylvia Sanchez) gives birth to a son named Dodong (Marc Santiago). Dodong considered Super D as his idol during his childhood and met Nicole and Tony with whom he befriended. A crime lord, named Don Zulueta (Ronaldo Valdez), knowing Super D's secret he used a woman (Precious Lara Quigaman) to pin him down. Super D fell in love with this woman, without both of them knowing the Don's plan. Don Zulueta's criminal group was able to kill Super D. To prove the superhero's death, the criminals bombed a shopping mall, where Dado is among the casualties of the bombing. Dodong (Dominic Ochoa), grew up as an adult, ended marrying Nicole (Bianca Manalo), and they had a family over their own. Dodong, a construction worker, got involved accident at the site he was working in. Tony (Marvin Agustin), instead of helping Dodong, hired a lawyer to get Dodong imprisoned. While Dodong was imprisoned, Tony took Nicole for himself. Later in the story, Pablo (Nonie Buencamino), a graphic artist and trusted friend of the original Super D helps Dodong. Also with the graphic artist's help he was able to find the blue diamond and became the next Super D.

Genres: Drama ; Family



Country: Philippine

Movie: My Super D

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Release: 2016

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