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The Bedevilled

In a small town, the only son of the local influential family is found dead and naked in the bed of wine shop proprietress Cheng Niang. His father, Lin Chi-Hsing, insists it is a murder committed by Tseng Chai-Chu, Cheng Niang's husband. Tseng claims that he is innocent. However, Cheng Niang has disappeared. Old Lin then tries to bribe the Magistrate Tang to sentence Tseng to death and excute him immediately. Cheng Niang learns about her husband's death and hangs herself. Magistrate Tang is conscience-stricken and begins seeing the ghosts of Tseng and Cheng Niang every night...

Movie: The Bedevilled

Production Co: Golden Harvest Company

Duration: 90 min

Release: 1975

Version 1

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